As Economy Goes Down, Drinking Goes Up

The old school of thought was that when the economy dropped into a low the drinking would follow suit out of sheer financial inability to pay for alcohol. This theory has been somewhat shattered by a recent study that indicates that the drinking rate is up despite a very slow economy.

The result is an increase of binge drinking, drinking and driving and drinking addictions. The thought is that people are essentially self-medicating with the use of alcohol. They are using alcohol as a means of dealing with problems.

AlcoholBinge Drinking Defined

Binge drinking seems to be one of the most common problems for those individuals that are of African-American decent and those who are ages 18 to 24. They seem to be most affected by this drinking issue.

The definition of binge drinking as reported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism is a pattern of drinking that brings a person’s blood alcohol concentration to 0.08 grams percent or above. This equates to the drinking of five or more drinks within a two hour period for a man and four or more drinks within a two hour period for women.


It is thought that individuals are using alcohol as a way to fight against anxiety that they feel from the stress of not having work or having too many bills and not enough money to manage them. They might also indulge in excessive drinking to help keep themselves from being worried about the many things that could happen if they can’t pay their bills or they could just have the feeling that

Even the Employed are Affected

Interestingly it isn’t only those that have been stripped of their jobs and homes that are finding it a good time to indulge in excessive drinking. Many individuals that are fully employed and have all the toys and a great family life are actually among the most likely to binge drink as well as drink and drive.

They appear to have everything from first glance, but underneath it all they are worried about their lives. They may be faced with the pressures of having to keep a family together and their job viable during a difficult economy. They could be concerned about their other family members keeping their jobs during the economic trials.

CrossroadsMaking Choices

While it may be true that money is tight and you might expect that it would hinder drinking habits, it would seem that the need to self-medicate overrides the inability to utilize funds for the alcohol.

People are choosing to purchase alcohol in an effort to help them get through the tough times and cope with the ever changing job market and economy. Some may even be of the thought process that everything is already ruined so drinking isn’t the worst thing that could happen at this point.

Many might find it exceedingly difficult to stop drinking now that they have started. They find themselves with a great deal of free time and they are able to spend more time engaging in drinking activities and might find that it is hard to stop. There may be times when drinking helps a person get through the days and cope with the many stresses that come with a difficult economic time.

The current epidemic of alcohol related issues in the average individual is something that may continue at the current rate. Taking a look at what drives people to self-medicate with alcohol is one way to find ways to help stop the excessive drinking and educate people on other ways to manage their overwhelming stress.

Binge drinking is a serious problem, because a single bout of binge drinking can cause serious harm to the body and the mind. If you or someone that you love is dealing with a drinking problem such as alcoholism or binge drinking, you need to realize that there is help out there. Alcoholism and alcohol addiction treatment programs are designed to help you overcome both the physical and mental or emotional aspects of drinking so that you can prevent relapse from occurring in the future.

Alcoholism can be a tough addiction to get through on your own, and binge drinking is a problem that often cannot be stopped without professional medical and therapeutic assistance. The right help is out there for you to take advantage of, you simply have to be willing to reach out and grab it.


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