Some of the Alcoholic Recovery Methods

For many alcoholics who are contemplating recovery, they may not know where to start. There are many alcoholic recovery methods available to those who are unable to give up drinking, including inpatient treatment, day treatment and various support groups. This article will describe some of the various alcoholic recovery methods currently available, as well as who these methods are best suited for.

For alcoholics who are in the beginning stages of recovery, the best option may be to attend an inpatient treatment program. Although most addicts are not willing to consider inpatient treatment, there are many reasons why an extended stay at a residential treatment facility is beneficial.

First, alcoholism is often most deadly when an individual decides to stop drinking. The withdrawal experienced from alcoholism can cause grand mal seizures, delirium tremors and heart failure, resulting in death.

Because of this, a medically supervised detox is the only way to safely detox from alcohol. An individual who is in the beginning stages of recovery is also likely to reengage in addictive behavior when not in a controlled environment.

An inpatient facility is a highly structured environment, in which each day is filled with individual therapy, group therapy, nutritional guidance and other positive activities, giving the addict little opportunity to experience a relapse. Inpatient facilities are filled with compassionate staff and other residents who are able to give continued support and guidance to individuals suffering from addiction.

For those who are unable to attend an inpatient treatment facility due to work or familial obligations, or for those who do not have have a severe addiction to alcohol, the option of day programs may be most beneficial.

Day treatment facilities offer all of the same resources as inpatient facilities do, except patients get to go home at the end of the day. These types of treatment programs are best for those individuals who exhibit a greater ability to abstain and control their drinking patterns.

For individuals who may be troubled by their drinking patterns, but do not require the intense level of treatment of inpatient or day programs, there are other alcohol recovery methods one can pursue.

Twelve step programs are great places for an alcoholic to gain support and maintain sobriety. There are also secular support groups which encourage alcoholics to exert their own self-control and empowerment to overcome addiction.

There are many alcoholic recovery methods available to those who want to quit drinking. By utilizing these methods, an alcoholic has a greater chance at making a full recovery and living a happy and sober life.

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